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About us

TRT – Trasporti e Territorio

The MOMOS model is developed and maintained by TRT – Trasporti e Territorio.

TRT Trasporti e Territorio is an independent consultancy, with offices in Milan and Brussels, specializing in mobility and transport economics, planning and modelling.

Founded in 1992, the company has a solid reputation in consulting and research and development to support public and private decision-makers. TRT has numerous qualified professional experiences in: strategic planning, urban mobility, research, project evaluation and feasibility studies, mobility demand analysis and forecasting, logistics and freight transport, collective transport planning and regulation, energy and environment.

TRT Trasporti e Territorio has always been attentive to the innovation of both policies and tools of analysis and evaluation, and has developed a consolidated ability to integrate consulting services together with the results of constant research activities on issues such as sustainable urban mobility policies, mobility as a service, Information Technology applications, energy efficiency of transport systems, reduction of climate-changing emissions, gender mobility, etc.



1000+ National and international projects since 1992



300+ Clients in Italy, in Europe and worldwide



200+ National and international partners

How to use MOMOS

MOMOS model can be applied to any urban context and metropolitan area. Its urban mobility policies has been developed and calibrated by TRT transport modelers, and can be adapted to fit new projects and new ideas.

If you are interested in any MOMOS application, let’s contact us!

MOMOS staff

Francesca Fermi

Transport Modeller

Francesco Chirico

Transport Modeller

Stefano Borgato

Transport Planner

Ivan Uccelli

Urban Planner