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Santeramo in Colle, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

    Drafting of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (PUMS) for the Municipality of Santeramo in Colle (Metropolitan City of Bari) accompanied by Strategic Environmental Assessment

    CLIENT: Municipality of Santeramo in Colle (BA)
    PERIOD: 2023 – Ongoing

    The Municipality of Santeramo in Colle (BA) has commissioned TRT Trasporti e Territorio to develop its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (PUMS). This initiative is co-financed and supervised by the Puglia Region, reflecting the region’s commitment to equipping municipalities with strategic urban mobility and transportation planning tools.
    The SUMP serves as a strategic medium-to-long-term guide for the Administration’s mobility-related decisions. It integrates local, regional, and broader planning tools, ensuring cohesive and comprehensive urban mobility management.

    Santeramo in Colle, with a population of approximately 25,000, has a low population density of 178 inhabitants per square kilometer. The urban center houses 93.1% of the residents, leaving much of the surrounding area sparsely populated. The compact urban center, with its slight elevations, offers an opportunity to promote sustainable and healthy mobility behaviors, encouraging citizens to reduce car use.
    The PUMS development process aligns with European, national, and regional guidelines and is divided into three phases:

    Il processo di redazione del PUMS tiene conto e integra le indicazioni delle linee guida PUMS europee, nazionali e regionali. La redazione del PUMS di Santeramo in Colle è suddivisa in tre fasi:

    • Phase I – Knowledge Framework
    • Phase II – Guidelines, with the objectives and strategies of the Plan
    • Phase III – Plan Document, with the definition of SUMP alternative scenarios, the evaluation using the MOMOS strategic model, the cost estimation, and the monitoring plan.

    Participation is a fundamental aspect of the SUMP drafting process and will be present in all phases of the Plan’s development. Additionally, the drafting process of the SUMP will be accompanied by the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and the environmental impact assessment (VIncA), the latter being necessary because the Municipality of Santeramo in Colle is located within two Natura 2000 protected areas network.