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Republic of North Macedonia – Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

    CLIENT: Republic of North Macedonia – Ministry of Transport and Communications
    PERIOD: 2024 – ongoing

    TRT has been contracted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of North Macedonia to provide technical assistance for the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) for five municipalities, accompanied by related training on the development and implementation of this planning instrument.

    With the support of the Turkish company Boğaziçi Proje A.Ş., TRT will develop SUMPs for the municipalities of Kavadarci, Kochani, Struga, Strumica and Prilep. In addition, capacity building for the five municipalities in the process of sustainable urban mobility planning will be provided.

    The simulation of the current status of urban mobility as well as the design and simulation of two alternative scenarios will be achieved through the application of MOMOS, a quantitative tool that allows to simulate the impact of different scenarios of mobility transition in urban areas. The scenarios will be developed based on different sets of sustainable policies, the combination of which will determine the specific focus, also depending on the related time horizon (short and long term).

    The assessment of alternative scenarios will select appropriate indicators to evaluate the contribution to changing the future characteristics of the transport system and the quality of life in the city, considering different dimensions: mobility and transport (and related accessibility), environmental sustainability, safety and economic efficiency/costs.