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Municipalities of Pulsano and Leporano, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

    Drafting the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of the Municipalities of Pulsano and Leporano (Taranto, Italy)

    CLIENT: Municipality of Pulsano
    PERIOD: 2020 – 2021

    The Municipality of Pulsano (TA) has entrusted TRT Trasporti e Territorio with the drafting of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of the Municipalities of Pulsano and Leporano. The Plan is co-financed and supervised by the Puglia Region as part of a wider regional programme linked to the development of SUMPs. TRT worked in synergy with other consultants in charge of participation activities as well as the preparation of the GIS platform dedicated to planning activities.

    With a total population of about 20,000 inhabitants, Pulsano and Leporano are the first two municipalities south of the city of Taranto, with which they develop a strong interdependence on the mobility front. In addition to the two inland historic urban centres, there are several marinas and tourist resorts along the 12 km of coastline, which determine a strong seasonal demand for transport.

    The process of drafting the PUMS of Pulsano and Leporano took into account and integrated the indications of the European, national and regional PUMS guidelines. TRT used its own MOMOS strategic model for scenario assessment. Two scenarios have been simulated with MOMOS, against the Reference scenario:

    SP1 – “Prioritizing sustainable transport modes”
    This scenario is designed to disincentivize the private car usage, enhancing cycling and pedestrian modes, public transport, and shared mobility. The city will be safer for all the city users, with larger pedestrian areas, closed streets to give space to the children, traffic calming and sensibilization. This way, the objective of zero fatalities caused by urban mobility is followed. Moreover, parking spaces will be redesigned, and cycle networks will be highly enhanced. Finally, to give additional alternatives to the private car, public transport and shared mobility, with a greener vehicle fleet, will be powered.

    SP2 – “Classic”
    With respect to the previous scenario, in SP2 less infrastructural interventions have been planned, as well as less traffic and parking moderation/regulation interventions. Overall, this scenario is less ambitious and more traditional than the first one.  

    The drafting of the Plan has been developed in three distinct phases: after the reconstruction of the cognitive framework and the analysis of the current situation (phase 1), the objectives and strategies were first defined (Guidelines – phase 2) and then the single measures and policies for sustainable urban mobility were elaborated and detailed and then merged into the Plan Proposal (phase 3).

    The SUMP was adopted by the Municipality of Pulsano by Resolution n. 185 (05.11.2021).